Climate R|O: Understand the climate risks and opportunities facing Irish businesses


Climate R|O is an EPA-funded research project that looked at climate risks (R) and opportunities (O) for 5 key sectors of the Irish economy. It involved in-depth research on climate change adaptation, interviews with businesses, trade bodies, and finance provides and a series of sector-specific workshops.

Sectors included in the Research

  • Retail
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Computer & Electronics Manufacturing
  • Hospitality & Tourism

Research outputs

The outputs of the research are available below. They include a detailed research report (also available on the EPA website), and five business-friendly sector-specific guides that show the priority risks and opportunities for the sector and offer practical guidance on doing a climate risk assessment and developing a climate adaptation plan.

The Final Research Report
The Sector Guide for Retail
The Sector Guide for Food and Beverage Manufacturing
The Sector Guide for Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
The Sector Guide for Computer and Electronics Manufacturing
The Sector Guide for Hospitality and Tourism